Registering with DiADeM

There are several roles within DiADeM for which you could register:

  • At a care home or nursing home - GPs or nurse clinicians make use of the DiADeM app to interview patients and then upload the result to a secure server. Register as a Clinician Undertaking DiADeM Assessments.
  • At a General Practice - GPs, practice managers or other members of staff receive emails containing a patient's DiADeM Report for internal processing. Register as a DiADeM Recipient.
  • Interested organisations (such as The Alzhiemers Society) can view a 'dashboard' of project statistics and contribute to the direction of the project. Register as a DiADeM Partner Organisation.
  • People who prefer to use the original paper-based DiADeM tool. Register to download a PDF of the original paper-based DiADeM tool.